Startup Internship Program 2021 by IIT Kanpur [May- July]: Applications begins in January

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In fact, a group of skilled, productive assistants can permit new businesses to stay centered on high-level methodology. Since the students are new to corporate life, they are enthusiastic to demonstrate their determination and this is often one include a company can put to great utilization. An internship may be an incredible way to see how much potential a student has within the field. You’ll get to see their abilities and work ethic as an assistant and might select to bring them on board as your center group part.

Startup Internship Program is a part of Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Kanpur. Through SIP, we point to collaborate with the start-ups willing to offer internship opportunities to IIT Kanpur students.

SIP has been running effectively for 12 years presently. Ever since its launch, it has been striving to assist in developing startups hire quality students from IIT Kanpur as summer interns and concurrently offer assistance to our understudies to gain some important work experience.

E-Cell IIT Kanpur would like to take this opportunity to welcome your Startup to be a part of SIP 2021. You'll enlist summer interns for different profiles like Software Development, Analytics, Marketing, Designing, Operations, Data Science, Engineering, Trade Development, Finance, Counseling, etc. as per your prerequisites. The choice handle will be at your discretion.

Startup Internship Program is an interesting platform for both IIT Kanpur understudies and Startups to form a profitable environment for each other.

The impact of this activity is seen within the reality that more than 800 top-notch students have been given unfathomably different, inventive, and dynamic internship opportunities within the field of their choice such as Engineering, Marketing, Finance, Counseling, Data Analysis, Data Science, etc. through this program in past versions.

SIP assists all of the related startups in hiring college students, ranging from resume forwarding to conducting interviews and/or assessments.

The recruitment will start from January 2021 to April 2021, and the internship interval will probably be from May to July 2021.

Interested candidates can register by way of this page.


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