15 Essential SQL interview questions that every Data Scientist must know

By Ankur Hack | Views: 2222

SQL is one of the most popular coding languages that uses relational database management system as its domain. If you’re to face an SQL interview anytime soon, it is important that you revise your core concepts and sift through data for long hours. To reduce your stress and help you to be at ease, here is a comprehensive list of frequently asked15 SQL interview questions that you must prepare in 2021.


  1. What are ACLs in MySQL?

  1. What is the difference between CHAR and VARCHAR?

  1. How do you test NULL values in a database?

  1. How to implement foreign key MySQL?

  1. What are the necessary drivers for MySQL?

  1. How to run MySQL in batch mode?

  1. Tell us how DISTINCT works in MySQL. How does MySQL optimize DISTINCT? 

  1. What is the major difference between MySQL and Oracle?

  1. Can you tell the default port for the MySQL server?

  1. What is the process to convert timestamps to date time in MySQL?

  1. How do you import and export MySQL databases?

  1. Can you name the different types of tables present in MySQL?

  1. How would you add columns to a table in MySQL?

  1. What is a trigger in MySQL and how can we use it?

  1. Can you tell us about Database White Box Testing and Black Box Testing?

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