About Hack Hackathon

Hack Hackathon is a platform dedicated to IT professionals to help them achieve success in their endeavour from learning to upskilling and reskilling in new-age technologies. The platform is especially helpful to competitive programmers who actively participate in hackathons and coding competitions. It is a culmination of everything related to programming and jobs in the software industry.

Hack Hackathon is a brain child of two young IT engineers who do not belong to any IITs or prime business schools but have a flair to change the world with the right solution needed by millions of technology learners, programming enthusiasts and hackathon lovers.

At Hack Hackathon, we consistently nurture our community of tech professionals by feeding them with the right resources for learning, skilling, and growing in a highly-competitive environment. The platform serves beginners as well as experienced technologists alike. At Hack Hackathon, you can sharpen your programming skills via the latest IT industry news, skill tests, interview question papers, survey reports, expert advice, and tutorials on a large spectrum of technologies.

Our Vision

At Hack Hackathon, we realize that the next generation of achievers is going through a tough competitive environment and needs a dedicated forum where they can upskill and learn to stay ahead of their peers, growing their knowledge in between the process. Our vision is to become the largest community of tech professionals who are actively involved in competitive programming.