7 YouTube Channels to Boost Your Programming Skills.

By Ankur Hack | Views: 1381

YouTube is a great platform to learn about coding. It has one of the best sources of tutorials all over the internet. It offers wide arrays of channels specially designed for people interested in learning about programming. All the below mentioned channels will provide you with a good amount of programming education and help you improve your coding skills like a pro. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin:

Derek Banas

This guy is the creator of an extensively popular “learn java script in 30 minutes” playlist. This playlist comprises short videos for faster learning. He has uploaded over 719 videos, all with the aim to teach as much as possible within a short time. 




Traversy Media

This is one of the best channels for learning computer programming skills. The number of tutorials this channel offers is huge. In fact, the guy who runs this channel is considered to be an inspiration to many other YouTubers who run similar programming channels. If you’re looking for high-quality valuable resources on topics like Python, Angular and React, refer to Traversy Media.




Simple Programmer

John Sonmez started this channel with the aim to help junior programmers. So, in his tutorials, you will find information on basic computer programming concepts and coding. Apart from teaching coding, he also gives excellent advice to budding programmers. 




The Coding Train  

The focus of this channel is towards beginners who are keen to master coding. Through his tutorials, he will teach you how to create games like a snake.  His teaching style is unique and his other videos include machine learning, JavaScript, simulation etc. 





If you love Maths, then this channel is for you. The channel owner is a bachelor in Maths from Stanford University.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, this guy has uploaded a tutorial on maths named “Lockdown Maths” to help students learn from home. His tutorials cover topics like linear algebra, calculus, topology and much more. 





This channel is created with the sole purpose of imparting easy and affordable education in technology. It offers tons of lessons on topics like coding in Python and C#. All the tutorials are made in an easy-to-understand style by the owner with helpful tips. 




The NewBoston  

This channel has over 4200 videos and is followed by over a million subscribers. This channel offers the best resource for people aspiring to become software developers. The tutorials cover a wide range of programming topics that are taught in a simple and entertaining style. It is perfect for people new to programming.



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