5 Major Skills to become a Successful Data Scientist

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Data Science is the most upcoming and one of the fastest-growing fields that alone can offer immense job opportunities. The machine learning industry is growing at a lightning speed worldwide and is estimated to reach $20.83 Billion by 2024. From big tech giants like Microsoft and Google to Facebook, Zomato, and Byju’s, everybody wants to be a pioneer in Data Science and Machine Learning.

The good thing is this field has unlimited applications and everything is powered by data science such as sales prediction, personal assistants, self-driven cars, etc. For job aspirants looking for a career in data science, here is a list of 5 major skills that can help you become a successful data scientist. 

  • Data Science Fundamentals

To become a specialist, it is extremely important to have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. If your concepts are clear in tools, terminologies, supervised, unsupervised learning, and can differentiate between machine learning, deep learning, data science, business analytics, data engineering, etc you can be a master in the field.

  • Statistics and Probability 

As grammar is the essence of the English language, the same way statistics is the grammar to data science, extremely important in writing a code and to become a data scientist. Have a clear understanding of the concepts of statistics and probability distribution, sample, skewness, CLT, and kurtosis. 

  • Knowledge of Programming

It is essential to have a sound knowledge of programming to become an expert in data science. Choose a programming language of your choices such as python, R, or Julia, and become the best in it as programming helps to interact with machines.

  • Data Manipulation & Analysis

This is another major skill that separates machine learning projects from the rest. It is a step that helps you to clean data and convert it into a format for better analysis at later stages. Though data manipulation is a time taking process but eventually helps in making better data-driven decisions.

  • Data Visualization

Data Visualization is the most fun part of machine learning with no one size fits all. The experts work on creating stories with the help of visuals explaining the flow of the problems.

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