Create a mobile app with geolocation, Maps in 5 minutes: Google

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With the no-code advancement stage AppSheet from Google Cloud, anybody can construct custom applications without having to compose code, and make a versatile app with geolocation and Google Maps in just five minutes, concurring to the tech mammoth.

AppSheet's no-code app building platform permits you to rapidly construct apps to collect, or connect to, data. People can also build automation apps in AppSheets.

"Workflow usefulness is built in for you to test and survey some time recently you truly burrow into the customization of your application," Google said.

Inventory management is one of the foremost prevalent ways in which app makers not utilized AppSheet, but get begun with the platform.

Whether you're overseeing stock for an online store or need to update your domestic stock handle, AppSheets can offer assistance to progress your abilities in no-code development.

"You'll construct apps from your Google Docs," the company said.

AppSheet is trusted by over 200,000 app creators around the world.

Common use cases include inventory management, field data capture, equipment and safety inspections, custom CRMs, fleet management, field sales, property management, and much more.


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