Want to learn programming language And become fabulous developer? Here is the learning plan.

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All we require the best learning path to master in any programming language.

Let’s dive into the best way to learn program.

Step 1: Start by Choosing the Right Programming Language

First, you have to select the programming language in which you are interested. If you have been in the field for some time, you probably know your way around finding which language to learn. For novices, this can be a daunting task. Ask yourself what kind of programmer you are looking to become:

  • Web app programmer
  • Front-end or back-end programmer
  • Scientific applications programmer
  • Game programmer
  • Full-stack developers
  • Desktop app programmer
  • Mobile app programmer
  • Database programmer

This makes it easy for the individual to choose programming language.

Step 2: Set a Goal

Setting predetermined goals will keep you grounded and help you achieve them in a given duration of time. No one wants to spend the next five years learning the same thing. The majority of beginners go for the SMART plan that helps them to reach a whole new level while breaking down the goals into small segments. This includes specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and teachable. In this regard, the developers can start with small goals and later on moving towards the bigger segments.

Step 3: Creation and Execution

Once the programmer sets out the goals, it’s time to create a plan and execute it. This plan takes the goals you set and arranges them into sizable bits that can be easily achieved. For instance, let us assume that programmers choose Java as their programming language, But how do you plan to achieve this? The plan you create should give you a visual image of how you can tackle your bigger goals.

1. First learn basics of Java language:

  • Java Syntax
  • Object-oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Java Collections
  • Java Exceptions
  • Input/Output Streams
  • Java Multithreading
  • Lambda Expressions.

2. Later you go for:

  • Algorithms and Puzzles
  • Java Patterns
  • Unit Testing
  • Serialization in JSON, RMI, HttpUrlConnection, sockets

Once you have decided all you need to cover you should select a learning method that works best for you. I will recommend you find a course that is at least 70% practice-based.

Let’s discuss about in the next step.

Step 4: Practical knowledge

It is mandatory for the programmer to have a great understanding of programming language and the platform. No one can understand the programming language before they try to code. That's why I wouldn't recommend any programming course that does not offer students to practice what they have learned in theory.

These are the major outlook of the programming language that a developer should be aware of, helping them to reach new heights of programming.

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