What is Azure Health Bot ?

By SUBHAM RAY | Views: 1899

Azure Health Bot is a platform built for healthcare developers to deploy health bots and medical assistants to improve processes and reduce costs. The service enables healthcare organizations to create healthcare bot instances and integrate them into systems that can be interacted with by patients, doctors, nurses, and other personnel as needed.

Building an instance allows you to:

  • Improve processes
  • Improve services
  • Improve outcomes
  • Reduces cost

Provides a natural conversion experience. It contains a medical database that also contains triage logs. Users can configure their bot instance to include various custom scenarios. Service intelligence is based on Azure Cognitive Services and trusted world knowledge. Azure Health Bot simplifies the process of creating bots for industry regulations and compliance,by:

  • Integration with Language Understanding Intelligent Service
  • Built in triage and symptom checker
  • Healthcare-specific configuration options
  • An extensible management portal
  • Integration with other cognitive services.

Azure Health Bots can be easily managed and monitored via the Health Bot Servce management portal and API. Includes built-in scenarios. Additional scenarios can be created using the scenario editor.

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