FAU-G vs PUBG Mobile: Game modes, availability, and other differences

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FAU-G was announced days after PUBG Mobile was banned in India and has been seen as a substitute, if not a rival. Is it? Find out.

FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards), the first person game after its launch on India's 72nd Republic Day, has rapidly picked up popularity among the gamers, who were eagerly waiting for the game since its declaration in September last year.

The game, which was announced days after the ban of the PUBG Mobile in India, due to security threats, was being seen as the rival for the game, but since PUBG hasn't relaunched in India, the user base of PUBG, at least some of it is likely to shift towards FAUG, for the time being. 

Since it is similar to PUBG in numerous ways, to begin with, individual multiplayer shooting games, but the game modes, the locations, themes, and the illustrations of the two games are starkly different.

FAUG vs PUBG Mobile: The Source
PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was developed by a South Korean developer, Krafton. The game was then picked up by Tencent Games, who made the mobile version of the game called PUBG Mobile. Tencent Games is a Chinese company and due to the sour relations between India and China, the game was banned in the country.

FAU-G, on the other hand, has been developed in India by a Bangalore-based company called nCore Games.

FAUG vs PUBG Mobile: Game Modes
FAU-G currently has only one game mode on offer- ‘The Campaign’ mode. The company has also placed the ‘Team Deathmatch’ and ‘Free for all’ game modes with a ‘coming soon’ badge on them. In a recent report, the company has also suggested that they might add a battle royale game mode as well.

PUBG Mobile did bring a lot of game modes over the years but it still missed a story mode, which FAUG brings to the table.

FAUG vs PUBG Mobile: Gameplay
While PUBG Mobile is enjoyed with different types of guns, FAU-G does not offer any of them. Instead, FAUG players are expected to fight bare hands or they can get close-range weapons such as spiked bats, axes, and more.

FAUG vs PUBG Mobile: Availability
PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite games have been banned in India and thus they are not available on the Indian versions of the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. FAU-G, on the other hand, has just arrived and it is currently available only for Android users via the Google Play Store. The company is expected to launch an iOS version of the app soon.


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