5 software development careers that already use Python

By Pranav Mittal | Views: 1307

At current, many programming languages are popular along with Python, including Java, JavaScript, C++, Swift and C, but Python is in demand due to it’s versatile nature. Python was created in the year 1991 and even today it has a strong grip over programming as it is simple and the most easier programming language to learn with plenty of frameworks and libraries. Huge companies like Google and NASA use python. 

We have gathered five development careers that use Python majorly, and go through the enlisted careers.

1.  Web development

Instagram and Pinterest come under the most popular social media platforms that were built using Python’s frameworks only. Most common frameworks in the Python web development matrix encompasses Django, Flask, and Pylons. Moreover, mentioned frameworks are quick, contain stable operation and can be written in the programming language as well. 

2.  Big data

For Big Data, Python is an epitome language as it performs data manipulation and processing, and works well with parallel computing as well. To process information, Python offers plenty of libraries including Pydoop, Dask and PySpark.

3.  Artificial intelligence

Keras and TensorFlow are some of the libraries of Python that serve machine learning functionalities to the professionals easily. As a result, Python based structures do not ask to be programmed because such structures perceive the idea on it’s own. Professionals have expressed their strong belief that Artificial Intelligence will reframe the world into a more sophisticated place, thus, Python is expected to secure an essential position for the same.

4.  Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics is another popular career using Python for all kinds of projects that are functional online regardless of the project’s size. Python used to design desktop applications along with the GUI (Graphical User Interface). If you wish to build applications easily and speedily, Tkinter library of Python will be perfect.

5.  Data Science

Earlier, the Min ATLAB language was popular among academics and researchers for scientific research. Python has influenced the numerical mechanisms of Min ATLAB, such as Numpy and Pandas. Therefore, a huge list of data scientists use Python at the moment for it’s comforting and quick features.

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