Best Free Online Machine Learning Courses That You Can Consider in 2021

By Ankur Hack | Views: 1969

Machine Learning is one of the most emerging fields in the global business arena. It is fast-paced, interesting and grabs everyone’s attention for enabling computers to tackle tasks and to make accurate predictions. It has made things possible that were unthinkable until a few years ago. If this field sparks your interest and if you’re ready to dive into the world of artificial intelligence, deep learning and neural learning, here are the top free online machine learning courses you can consider to be an expert in this field. 


  1. Machine Learning with Python – Coursera 

This is a beginner’s course on machine learning and covers only the most basic algorithms. In this course, the focus is more on the programming language Python and less on statistics. While studying every module you will have ample opportunity to open a Jupyter notebook and practice the concepts you’ve learned. The notebook will provide you with step-by-step guidance and will make your concepts strong. Click here for more more details.

  1. Machine Learning Course –

If you’re keen on learning about AI and want to know how to get started in this field, then this is one of the top platforms for learning about artificial intelligence. The platform is meticulously designed for both freshers as well as experienced professionals. The content of the course is covered from scratch with the main focus on learning by doing. Click here for more more details.

  1. Mastering Data Science and Machine Learning Fundamentals – Udemy

This online course is ideal for beginners and is amongst the most popular free machine learning courses on the internet. The course is designed in a way to put more focus on the theoretical aspect rather than its practical implementation. The course contains 18 short lectures on machine learning models, performance and best practices and as such, there is no predefined condition to enroll for this course. Click here for more more details.

  1. Machine learning Introduction Course – Udacity

This course will teach you skills that all machine learning aspirants should possess. It will also cover some of the popular machine learning algorithms and the techniques to evaluate their results. Through this course, you will learn how to examine methods of data analysis and how to extract them. Click here for more more details. 

  1. Machine Learning Course with R – Datacamp

While taking up a course in machine learning, you can consider this one if you know the R programming language. This course will improve your skills and enable you to train and evaluate machine learning models. After you complete this programme, you can focus on the more advanced specialization. Click here for more more details. 

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