What is Azure Kinect DK ?

By SUBHAM RAY | Views: 4471

The Azure Kinect DK is a developer kit that provides computer vision and language models with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) sensors. This includes camera spatial microphone arrays, depth sensors, and orientation sensors with multiple models and software development kits.

The Azure Kinect DK includes following Software Development Kits :

  • Sensor SDK ( Software Development Kit )
  • Body Tracking SDK ( Software Development Kit )
  • Speech Services Cognitive SDK ( Software Development Kit )

Features of Azure Kinect Sensor SDK ( Software Development Kit )

  • RGB camera access and control 
  • External device synchronization control with configurable delay offset between devices
  • Camera frame meta-data access for image resolution, etc.
  • Synchronized Depth-RGB camera streaming with configurable delay between cameras
  • Motion sensor access
  • Device calibration data access
  • Depth camera access and mode control

Features of Azure Kinect Body Tracking SDK ( Software Development Kit )

  • Contains an anatomically correct skeleton for each partial or full body in FOV.
  •  Unique identity for each individual body.
  • Can track bodies over time.
  • Body segmentation.

Features of Azure Kinect Speech Cognitive Services SDK ( Software Development Kit )

  • Text-to-Speech
  • Speech translation
  • Speech-to-text

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