How Hackathons can help to accelerate your coding career

By Ankur Hack | Views: 1148

Hackathons have become quite popular lately among IT professionals and are great to establish valuable connections. They are challenge style events that allow programmers to showcase their skills in real-time. Participating in hackathons can help both freshers and experienced coders boost their coding skills. It is an excellent platform to improve professional creativity by using the most innovative and unique technological solutions. The idea behind every hackathon is to bring great minds in one place and push the limits of technological achievements.   

Let us now understand in detail the reasons why coders should be a part of hackathons and how such events can accelerate their career. 

1. Risk-free environment

Such events enable one to understand and learn new things in a stress-free environment. Participants can explore programming languages, use different approaches to solve a particular problem with a free mind without any pressure on them.   

2. Learn to focus on deliverables

Participants can learn to put their focus on deliverables by turning concepts into working prototypes or actions. They also get to understand different stages of the software development cycle including design, development, testing and deployment. 

3. Enhance Problem-solving Skills

A great platform to improve problem-solving skills as participants learn to push their limit to arrive at the right solution. It teaches you to be adaptable in your approach and work faster in order to test your limits. 

4. Helps in networking

An amazing way to meet and connect with like-minded people and to establish great contacts in the industry. This forum also opens up career prospects for participants as they get noticed by companies and experts in the industry. 

5. Helps to improve soft skills and technical skills

Hackathons can help participants improve their soft skills as they get an opportunity to work with experienced professionals. Some of these skills include communication, leadership, presentation, collaboration etc. This platform is also great to hone technical skills as the participant gets a chance to explore and experiment with new technologies and tools. 

6. Guidance and Support

Participants get to work under the guidance of experts from the industry. These sessions can be quite helpful to coders as industry experts offer valuable insights on how to adapt the culture of the companies. 

7. Rewards and Recognition

Being a part of a hackathon gives recognition to the coders in the industry and also job opportunities. It also gives awards, cash and prizes to participants with immense potential and talent. This platform is helpful even to corporates and companies looking for the right candidate. They can analyse the candidates, go forward with the selection process and interact with the team heads to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

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