7 Effective tips for programmers to boost their productivity

By Ankur Hack | Views: 1054

Are you a programmer who is struggling with productivity issues? Are you someone spending hours in front of your system with no concrete results at the end? Well, keep your worries at bay. Increasing your productivity as a programmer is an achievable task and there is a high demand for efficient coders. Fast coders are appreciated everywhere for their speed and quality of work. Here, we have compiled a list of tips to help programmers improve their productivity.

  1. Evaluate your productivity

To increase efficiency at work, measure your productivity from time to time. The productivity of programmers  is measured by checking the  LOC (Line of code) and the code written by them. It is important to know that LOC can only provide a rough estimate depending on the project complexities. 

  1. Work smartly

Do not work round the clock. Instead, take short breaks and work for a fixed hours per week. You will see your productivity improving. The idea is to work smartly while staying productive. 

  1. Avoid distractions  

It is important to keep your focus intact while coding. Even a little distraction can take 15 minutes of your time to regain complete focus. Always use the best tools and applications to ensure you are always on the grove. For maximum benefit, keep your surroundings silent or use headphones. Keeping your phone on silent is also a proven way to minimise the distraction. 

  1. Make use of automation

Automation is the future and you can automate a lot of your coding tasks using codes already available on the internet. This will make your work easier and surely will help increase productivity. Automation can be a little difficult in the beginning but is helpful in the long run. 

  1. Refactor code

Refactoring your code helps to make the code more maintainable and saves everyone’s time including the engineer who is maintaining it. You may not see it as a productive task because of its inability to add any new feature to your existing code. However, if the project is long term, you must go for it. 

  1. Learn new skills and work on other projects

Alongside your current project, keep an eye on adding new projects on newer technologies. Working on different projects will help you grow as a coder and learn new skills. All this, in turn, will help  in improving your productivity. 

  1. Take adequate sleep

One of the most important tips to increase your productivity is to get proper sleep. As working for a few hours improves productivity, same ways proper sleep helps you remain calm, alert, and eventually productive. Without adequate sleep, you not only hamper your productivity but also your health and cognitive capabilities.

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