4 Reasons why it is important to learn a programming language

By Ankur Hack | Views: 1878

Coding rules the world and also our lives in many ways. It has made life simpler and our dependence on the language has also increased. Learning a coding language is important if you’re looking for a career in technology. Moreover, technology is dominating almost every industry at the moment. And everybody from Bill Gates to Obama is motivating youngsters to learn programming for a brighter future. 

Let us now understand why learning a programming language is important.

1. Coding opens up new opportunities

Knowledge of coding will get you a job in the software development field. Not just this, with a little experience, it can take your career to a whole another level. You can either take a lateral career move into a new business arena or grow through promotions in your current organization. 

This field can open up a plethora of new options for you and you can shape your career as per your aspirations, goals and interest.



2. Changes your working style

Coding knowledge will make you more independent and self-sufficient. Apart from gaining technical knowledge, you will observe changes in the way you work. Your approach towards learning important skills like problem-solving, collaborating etc. will also be different and better.



3. Improving work-relation with colleagues

Coding teaches you teamwork and enhances your collaboration skills. In the office environment, your understanding with programmers, engineers and data scientists would improve and work would become easier. In fact, learning coding gives you a fair idea of what’s achievable within a stipulated timeline.



4. Coding makes you better decision-maker

Sound knowledge and understanding of programming languages, their capabilities and limitations help in effective decision-making. Experience in coding will guide you when deciding about investing in upcoming technologies. You can precisely evaluate every business case for each technology and set rational expectations. 

Coding also helps you to distinguish between harder solutions and simpler ones.


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