5 Tips to learn coding with no prior experience

By Ankur Hack | Views: 818

Coding is a fundamental skill to secure a job in the software development field. It is a skill that is almost necessary in the modern world of technology. It has turned your computer into a powerful tool instead of merely a machine. But do you know there are many other reasons why you should learn coding apart from getting lucrative job opportunities? It improves your interpersonal skills and trains your brain to think in a disciplined manner. Learning to code helps you in better decision-making and can boost problem-solving and analytical skills. So, if you are new to the world of coding and don’t know where to start, this guide is for you.

Start with understanding the basics

When you begin to learn about the basics of coding, you should first try to grasp the concepts that hold up all programming languages. They are variables, Data structures, control structures, syntax and tools. These five concepts if understood well will set the foundation for next-level coding skills. It will give you a fair idea about the way computers process information.

Choose the programming language wisely

After understanding the basic concepts, the next important step for a new learner is to select a programming language. There are many languages like Python, JavaScript, PHP, C++ etc. You have to choose one depending on your aspirations and goals. The safest language to start with is Python. It is comparatively easy to learn, flexible and quite dynamic. But if you like to take challenges, you can start with C++ or JavaScript. 

Join coding communities on social media

Another great way to learn is by joining coding communities on social media. Interacting with like-minded people online and discussing will help tremendously. You can get a lot of information on books, tutorials, useful links, best practices etc. Some of the communities that you can join are Reddit, Stack Overflow, GitHub, etc

Install the Software

Coding is pretty accessible with regards to tools so what you need is a text editor. Also, download Notepad++ because that will highlight your mistakes in coding. Now, install the software that you need to run the files you’re going to create. 

Look for a book or tutorials

To start with coding, decide on the source that will guide you. Look for a book or an online tutorial or course that will teach you about the basics of coding. You can also enrol in some free online courses that focus on your area of interest.

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