4 Essential skills tech professionals must acquire

By Ankur Hack | Views: 1044

The IT industry is dynamic and constantly evolving. Despite challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, it is still showing resilience in terms of growth. But IT jobs in the current scenario are a lot more than just emails, cloud deployment and security policies. The onset of digital transformation has changed the way businesses operate and it is imperative that software professionals strive hard to expand their skill sets to stay updated and relevant in the market. 

Gil Pekelman, the CEO of a remote-first IT management company, Atera, said the current situation demands a new set of necessary skills in the IT professionals whether they are working remotely or from the office.

He further said, the skill sets acquired by the potential candidates will make them stand out and determine their success in the new work environment. Some of the essential skills that they must work upon includes independence, communication, flexibility, adaptability etc. 

Developing the right set of skills and displaying them during job interviews will ensure your skills meet up the ongoing demand of the hybrid office environment.

  1. Good Rapport with Colleagues

The new work environment set up requires collaboration and the ability to build a good relationship with colleagues. This will help in getting the job done efficiently and effectively. It is also believed that candidates that can express themselves well and make themselves understood in a remote setting are real assets for an organisation as they help to bridge the communication gap. 

  1. Ability to work across teams

Professionals who can gel with each and every employee in the company and work as a team will always get benefited during the recruitment process, said Gil Pekelman. 

He further added the business community across the world is experiencing a digital transformation. Team members who can support others in handling, implementing and training on the emerging technologies will have an upper edge. 

  1. Be Agile

This strait is highly essential in the present scenario, said Pekelman. Teams need to be adaptable and flexible in their approach as things can change very fast in this industry. 

  1. Independently Working

Apart from working cohesively with others, it is essential that IT professionals learn to set their priorities and work independently. They should also learn to think critically and act without much guidance from their bosses.

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