7 New Year's Resolution Ideas for techies in 2021:

By Sahil Bansal | Views: 7224

It's not wrong to say the year 2020 is a miracle year for techies because due to the pandemic we all need to go online at least once. So, from this, we take the idea that being a developer is a good career option. 
The New Year 2021, is the correct time to set new objectives and make pacts to refresh our journey towards brilliance with new energy and new enthusiasm.

Here are some great ideas that can enrich your technology career. Let’s start!

1.  Acquire knowledge of a new programming language
The IT industry is persistently changing its ways of working and to keep with its pace one must keep upgrading oneself persistently. Learning a new programming language this year will assist you to keep on track and accomplish your objective. This determination will brush up your programming concepts and will unquestionably improve the chances of your resume getting selected for that dream job.

2. Write a better code
Being a programmer doesn’t mean just write code that works, but it must be written cleverly and well so that your team or people that work with it afterward, can understand it easily. To write better code means mainly to understand it and keep it consistent.

3. Explore a new cutting-edge technology
We live in a spectacular time. The pace of technology steadily increases, new fields of science are heavily explored and innovative concepts emerge almost every day, resulting in stunning and overwhelming products. The impact of these products can be tremendous: in fact, new technology can completely revolutionize the way we play, communicate, work, and live our lives. Some of these products are just eye-candy, some are useful, some are visionary and some may become revolutionary in the next years.

4. Upskill yourself
Yes, upskilling yourself as well should be on your plan this year. Taking part in coding competitions or hackathons like Code Gladiators will assist you to check on your weaknesses and deliver you the inspiration to move forward on those. This boost in your skills will definitely assist you to get a better job this year. Make it a habit to go to at least one coding competition per quarter to keep a tab on the latest developments in the industry.

5. Work on your interpersonal and soft skills
When employers are hiring, interpersonal abilities are one of the best criteria used to assess candidates. Regardless of the type of work you have, it’s important to be able to get along well with associates, managers, clients, and merchants.
Interpersonal skills, also known as people skills, soft skills, or emotional intelligence, are related to the way you communicate and interact with others.

6. Attend developer conferences and webinars
Networking is also an important factor in the IT industry that can help you meet your dream job. Thus, research about developer conferences and webinars happening in your location, or in your company and register for those. Conferences and webinars are a good source of meeting, connecting, and sharing knowledge with like-minded people. This should be your resolution this year to attend at least one developer conference and one webinar per quarter.

7. Build at least one fun project related to IoT
Internet of Things, simply termed as ‘IoT’ is an advanced technology in which the industries are starting to adapt to their operation. IoT is simply a UI that a user can integrate into almost all the electrical/ electronic devices to transform them into a smarter one. This technology is also preferred by many industries for the variety of applications it offers for a user like real-time analytics, analysis of collected data, cloud data storage, trigger an action based on a value and user sets, remote notification, etc.

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