5 other browsers you can use instead of Google Chrome

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Google Chrome is omnipresent – phones, laptops, or tablets – and it is by far the most used web browser in the world. Chrome captures nearly 70% of the market share ahead of other browsers. In spite of its broad notoriety, Chrome is flawless and has its fair share of negatives as well. There are perspectives where other browsers work way better than Chrome, and in case you're looking to replace Google’s browser with others, here are a few great alternatives.

Brave Software's fast, privacy-oriented browser combined with its blockchain-based digital advertising platform is resetting the web for users, publishers, and advertisers.
What’s better than Chrome: A built-in advertisement and tracking blocker Using Brave means you won’t see too many advertisements on websites and tracking your data isn’t going to be easy.

-Apple Safari
In case you work in the Apple ecosystem, look no further than Safari. It works exceptionally well over Apple gadgets, data syncing is consistent and remains firmly centered on privacy, and on the Mac, Safari is relatively faster than Chrome and remains as secure as ever. And with macOS Big Sur, Apple included the tracking feature that tells you which websites are tracking you. 
What’s better than Chrome: Faster on Apple devices. Do not forget that it is more secure in terms of sharing any type of user data.

This cross-platform web browser hit the market in 2016 and is available for Windows, Android, and Linux users. There plans to make a foray into iOS too in the near future. In terms of speed, Vivaldi is quite fast and boasts of having great privacy control. However, what really works in its favor is the amount of customization it allows.
What’s better than Chrome:  It allows more customization options and better data synchronization.

-Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge now has the latest features and an entirely new interface.
It may be noted that 2020 is the first time Microsoft has done a major revamp of its browser since 1995. Windows 10 users, however, have a major advantage as this comes as a part of an update and as a result, one need not download any other third-party browser.
What’s better than Chrome:  It uses fewer resources – primarily Ram – than Google’s browser.

-Mozilla Firefox
Firefox has been around for a while and is the third most well-known browser in the world. Over the years, it has built a reasonably good collection of valuable accessories. It’s also more privacy-oriented than Chrome and relatively faster on mobile as well.
What’s better than Chrome: Privacy and also uses less RAM for your device compared to Chrome.


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