What is Azure SQL?

Azure SQL is a cloud-based relational database service provided by Microsoft as part of the Azure suite of services.

By Nitin Pandit

What is Azure Kinect DK ?

The Azure Kinect DK is a developer kit that provides computer vision and language models with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) sensors. This includes camera spatial microphone arrays, depth sensors, and orientation sensors with multiple models and software development kits.


What is Azure Health Bot ?

Azure Health Bot is a platform built for healthcare developers to deploy health bots and medical assistants to improve processes and reduce costs. The service enables healthcare organizations to create healthcare bot instances and integrate them into systems that can be interacted with by patients, doctors, nurses, and other personnel as needed.


What is Azure Synapse?

Azure Synapse, formerly known as SQL DW, is a limitless analytics tool offered by Azure that supports both Big Data Analytics and Enterprise Data Warehouse services.


Airbus plans to recruit over 13K IT professionals at Aero India

Additionally, the candidates will have the chance to speak with senior Airbus engineers to learn more about the company and its presence in the aerospace sector.

By Ankur Hack

How to programmatically fill out PDF forms using iText7 in c#

iText7 is a PDF library that allows you to work with pdf files. With the help of iText7 user can generate pdf files, manipulate data in existing pdf files etc.

By Pranav Mittal

Top 100 Best US companies for work in 2023

According to Glassdoor's list of the top 100 best US companies for work in 2023, Gainsight topped the list.

By Sahil Bansal

Tata group is all set to turn out to be India's first homegrown iPhone

Tata Group focuses to complete the process by March 31, 2023, so that they can officially take over Wistron`s government incentive program.

By Sahil Bansal

Ernst & Young (EY) hiring Associate Analyst: Apply before 28 January

Ernst & Young (EY) is a global organization that offers professional services headquartered in London, England.

By Sahil Bansal

National Qualifier Test (One Test, Many Jobs)

TCS organizes National Qualifier Test (NQT) for hiring various candidates having experience or even freshers who can give NQT and get their dream job in TCS, TVS Motors, Jio, Asian Paints, and more.

By Sahil Bansal

How to integrate TinyMCE rich text editor in angular application

TinyMCE is a rich-text editor that will allow you to create formatted content through your application. It will allow you to create more attractive content by using its large set of plugins.

By Ankur Hack

5 software development careers that already use Python

many programming languages are popular along with Python, including Java, JavaScript, C++, Swift and C, but Python is in demand due to it’s versatile nature.

By Pranav Mittal
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