How to Become a Certified AWS solution architect

Solution architect is a person who can lead the overall practice and try to find the best possible technical solution for that particular business problem.

By Monika verma

7 Essential soft skills to hunt a programming job in 2022

Soft skills are as necessary as technical skills, thus, we have gathered seven essential soft skills that an aspiring programmer should possess.

By Pranav Mittal

What is artificial intelligence and how its works?

John McCarthy was an American computer scientist and known as the father of Artificial intelligence. He has first used the word "Artificial intelligence" in his conference meeting in 1996.

By Subham Roy

HCL Technical Specialists hiring in Noida

HCL is hiring experienced Technical Specialists in Noida. The candidate should possess a B.Tech degree and 2.5-5 years of experience

By Monika verma

5 Tips for IT professionals to achieve work-life balance

As we all know that how technology is rapidly growing nowadays and almost every sector uses these technologies to do their works faster and effective. For these things to happen some people work continuously and we also call these IT professionals.

By Subham Roy

Start your career with TCS, Smart Hiring in TCS for fresher’s - Apply now

TCS has now extended the registration date from November 2 to November 30. Apply here.

By Ankur Hack

Best Free Online Machine Learning Courses That You Can Consider in 2021

Machine Learning is one of the most emerging fields in the global business arena. It is fast-paced, interesting and grabs everyone’s attention

By Ankur Hack

6 Must-Have Skills every software engineer should know

Most software developers focus only on their technical skills. They work dedicatedly day and night either to refine their existing skills or to learn a new programming language that helps them to accelerate in their career.

By Ankur Hack

How to get a new tech job during a pandemic

Demand for IT talent has been affected but opportunities remain. The needs for better skilled workers are increasing.

By Ankur Hack

5 Reasons why should we use OpenAPI specification in APIs

API is the short for Application Programming Interference, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.

By Ankur Hack

Undergraduates can apply for Microsoft Virtual Training Program and Participants get Certificates

Microsoft Invites Applications for the Virtual Training Program and Participants get Certificates for their participation in this internship program

By Sahil Bansal

6 Signs for Major career Change

Firstly, it is hard to find a suitable career. Although some people enter the industry exactly knowing what they want to do while some are even not aware of that they are on the right path or not. On average everyone has held 14 different jobs to find out the best-fitted career option for them.

By Sahil Bansal
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