10 Leading Artificial Intelligence Startups to work in India

By Ankur Hack | Views: 861

India has become the hub of Artificial Intelligence startups over the last few years. So worldwide everyone’s eye is on India leading to intense competition in the industry to provide the right technology. Artificial Intelligence is everywhere and is bringing an enterprise focus to a completely new level across domains.  

Here are some of the topmost artificial intelligence startups you can consider working in India. 

  1. Discovery AI

Discovery AI is working on artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies to solve real business problems like boosting sales, increasing productivity and cost-cutting. It is also developing a network called enterprise-ready conversational AI to strengthen app adoption and to cut down on service calls. 

  1. Intello Labs

Intello Labs has created a framework using artificial intelligence for quality control and agricultural commodity grading. They also provide a mobile app-based image-based solution for the agriculture sector to track wastage in the supply chain, add standardization to quality assessment and to lower risk value. 

  1. Doxper

Doxper is helping doctors, patients and hospitals. It is working to improve relationships between them. Its objective is to make processes simple like retrieval, data storage etc and to automate certain things like patient follow-up and data transcription. 

  1. Bash.ai

Bash.ai has developed chatbot software that businesses can use to manage service portals of their employees effectively. The bot analyses employee queries and concerns and then using a rule-based algorithm comes up with the most appropriate response.

  1. CropIn

CropIn offers future-ready farming solutions to the agricultural sector. It provides decision-making tools for the agribusiness that will ensure accuracy, dependability and viability.

  1. Avaamo

It is an enterprise software company that uses AI to revolutionize the way we communicate, transact and operate. Avaamo has developed a framework that combines machine learning, AI, conversation design etc. 

  1. SigTuple

SigTuple has created applications using AI that can analyze medical data to assist diagnosis. The company is also working towards developing an artificial intelligence platform called Manthana to help in the effective analysis of visual medical data. 

  1. LogiNext

LogiNext is one of the world’s leading enterprise SAAS company that uses data analytics and machine learning algorithms to optimize field service and logistics movement. 

  1. Teric Soft

Teric Soft provides a wide range of services like web development, Android/iOS development and artificial intelligence solutions. 

  1. RayReach Technologies Pvt Ltd

The prime focus of RayReach Technologies is to provide artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions in the fields of predictive analysis, prescriptive and automated prescriptive. Some of the models created by the company include HR attrition models, sales predictions, revenue predictions etc.

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