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Data Structure (War begins 3)

Q 1.
Which among the following is a Dynamic Link Library contain?

Q 2.
2-D arrays are also called

Q 3.
Time taken for the addition of elements in the queue is

Q 4.
FIFO (First In First Out) is an example of --

Q 5.
LIFO (Last In First Out) is an example of --

Q 6.
What its inorder predecessor, if a node in a BST has two children

Q 7.
How many nodes contained by a full binary tree with n leaves

Q 8.
Process of removing an element from an empty stack is

Q 9.
Process of removing an element from the stack is known as

Q 10.
The queues follow

Q 11.
Which is not the application of stack?

Q 12.
Following operation on the data structure

Q 13.
Convert the following expression into postfix expression

Q 14.
Another name of Circular Queue

Q 15.
Asymptotic time complexity to find an element in the linked list is

Q 16.
One-dimensional Array is known as

Q 17.
Which of the following bitwise operator will you use to invert all the bits in a bit array

Q 18.
Dynamic Array is

Q 19.
Queues serve major role in

Q 20.
First Index of Array is