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C# Beginner (Level 1)

Q 1.
Abstract class contains _____.

Q 2.
CLR is the .Net equivalent of _____.

Q 3.
The data members of a class by default are?

Q 4.
What is the value returned by function compareTo( ) if the invoking string is less than the string compared?

Q 5.
The correct way to overload +operator?

Q 6.
Select the two types of threads mentioned in the concept of multithreading?

Q 7.
Choose the wrong statement about properties used in C#.Net?

Q 8.
The point at which an exception is thrown is called the _____.

Q 9.
Which of the following statements are correct for C# language?

Q 10.
Which of the following keywords is used to refer base class constructor to subclass constructor?