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Java Beginner (Level 3)

Q 1.
Can we create an instance of Enum outside of Enum itself?

Q 2.
If we try to add Enum constants to a TreeSet, what sorting order will it use?

Q 3.
Which of the following is the advantage of BigDecimal over double?

Q 4.
What will be the output of the following Java code snippet?
double a = 0.02;
double b = 0.03;
double c = b - a;
BigDecimal _a = new BigDecimal("0.02");
BigDecimal _b = new BigDecimal("0.03");
BigDecimal _c = b.subtract(_a);

Q 5.
Which class is a library of functions to perform arithmetic operations of BigInteger and BigDecimal?

Q 6.
How to convert Date object to String?

Q 7.
How to identify if a timezone is eligible for DayLight Saving?

Q 8.
How to get UTC time?

Q 9.
Which of these can be returned by the operator &?

Q 10.
Which of these can not be used for a variable name in Java?

Q 11.
What will be the output of the following Java program?
 class array_output 
        public static void main(String args[])
            int array_variable[] = new int[10];
            for (int i = 0; i < 10; ++i) 
                array_variable[i] = i / 2;
                System.out.print(array_variable[i] + " ");

Q 12.
Which of these is necessary condition for automatic type conversion in Java?

Q 13.
What is the prototype of the default constructor of this Java class?
public class prototype { }

Q 14.
What will be the output of the following Java code?
class char_increment {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
        char c1 = 'D';
        char c2 = 84;
        System.out.println(c1 + " " + c2);

Q 15.
Which of these is an incorrect array declaration?