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Java Intermediate (Level 3)

Q 1.
which datatype is involved in byte, int, and literal numbers is promoted to which of these?

Q 2.
What is BigDecimal.ONE?

Q 3.
What is Truncation is Java?

Q 4.
Which method returns the elements of Enum class?

Q 5.
Which of these is long data type literal?

Q 6.
which of these can be an arithmetic operator?

Q 7.
Modulus operator % can be applied to which of the following?

Q 8.
Which of these statements are incorrect?

Q 9.
Which of these is specified by a File object?

Q 10.
Which of these are the method for testing whether the specified element is a file or a directory?

Q 11.
Which of these is an incorrect statement?

Q 12.
Which method can be used to convert all characters in a String into a character array?

Q 13.
 When do we determine method overloading?

Q 14.
When does overloading occur?

Q 15.
How classpath file can be read?

Q 16.
Which of the following is a correct constructor for thread?

Q 17.
Which of these packages contains all the classes and methods required for even handling in Java?

Q 18.
 Which of these methods are used to register a mouse motion listener?

Q 19.
Which keyword is used by calling function to handle exception thrown by called function?

Q 20.
what can be called as the process of writing the state of n object to a byte stream?