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Data Structure (War begins 2)

Q 1.
Convert it into postfix for A-(B+C)*(D/E)

Q 2.
The efficiency of merge sort is

Q 3.
Sorting algorithms are not stable for

Q 4.
In C programming language which one is not possible with an array

Q 5.
Matrices of order m*n and n*p. What is the complexity of multiplying these two matrices

Q 6.
If an array contains the extra key at the end then it is known as_________.

Q 7.
The complexity of linear search algorithm is_________.

Q 8.
The given Hash function used in h(k) = floor( m(kA mod 1))

Q 9.
The vertices of complete graph have ________ degree.

Q 10.
The probe sequence depends on the value of

Q 11.
Which of the following is used to construct a suffix tree.

Q 12.
In order to determine the index of any input record in hash tables which is used

Q 13.
A universal hashing scheme is used as a

Q 14.
___________ algorithm is having highest space complexity.

Q 15.
Which of the following is an application of Linked List?

Q 16.
The self-organizing list improves

Q 17.
Free lists are used in

Q 18.
A linked list is implemented in

Q 19.
The search complexity of a Linked list is

Q 20.
If vertices x & y have a path between them then which of the following method is used