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Basics of Data Structures (War begins 1)

Q 1.
Queue data structure can be used for

Q 2.
What is the prefix notation of (a + b) * (c + d)?

Q 3.
What is the output when a binary search tree is traversed in order?

Q 4.
An example of linear data structure is

Q 5.
An example of a Non-linear data structure is

Q 6.
The data structure is used for breadth-first traversal of a graph?

Q 7.
The data structure is used for depth-first traversal of a graph?

Q 8.
Hash list is generalization of __________ .

Q 9.
________data structure is preferred to have lesser search time when the list size is small?

Q 10.
The pop() and push() functions are found in

Q 11.
An abstract data type is

Q 12.
Lempel – Ziv – Welch’s algorithm of data compression is used as a

Q 13.
In digital currency which tree is used

Q 14.
What is the time complexity of Depth First Traversal

Q 15.
The load factor for separate chaining hashing is

Q 16.
Which matrix has most of the elements as Zero?

Q 17.
Fast implementation of a set of string operation is allowed by

Q 18.
In Java the growth factor of ArrayList is

Q 19.
The number of ways by which ways we can reach the end of the array arr[]={1,3,5,8,9}?

Q 20.
Arrays are ________ data structures.