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Data Structures Intermediate (Level 1)

Q 1.
Value of the postfix expression 6 3 2 4 + – * is

Q 2.
LIFO stands for

Q 3.
On which element we perform insertion and deletion operation is stacks

Q 4.
Advanatges of Array

Q 5.
Pick out the non-linear data sturcture

Q 6.
The postfix form of the following expression A*B+C/D ?

Q 7.
How many comparisons are done by sequential search is

Q 8.
Functionality of the Following code is
public void function(Node node)  
    if(size == 0)    
    head = node;    
        Node temp,cur; 
        for(cur = head; (temp = cur.getNext())!=null; cur = temp);

Q 9.
Given an unsorted array.

The array has this property that every element in array is at most k distance from its position in sorted array where k is a positive integer smaller than size of array. Which sorting algorithm can be easily modified for sorting this array and what is the obtainable time complexity?

Q 10.
What does it mean when we say that an algorithm X is asymptotically more efficient than Y?

Q 11.
The worst case running time of this computation is

A list of n string, each of length n, is sorted into lexicographic order using the merge-sort algorithm.

Q 12.
The time complexity of an algorithm to compute M1 × M2 will be

Two matrices M1 and M2 are to be stored in arrays A and B respectively. Each array can be stored either in row-major or column-major order in contiguous memory locations.

Q 13.
An unordered list contains n distinct elements.

The number of comparisons to find an element in this list that is neither maximum nor minimum is

Q 14.
A problem in NP is NP-complete

Q 15.
Dijkstra’s algorithm is based on