These trappy tech job interview questions that reduce your chances to get hired

By Ankur Hack | Views: 4092

The job industry is facing tremendous challenges post the pandemic as per a report. Still, people are on a lookout for a new job and waiting for these uncertain times to end soon. It is important and job aspirants should understand that it is still the same bunch of industries that are performing well and promising in terms of future stability as it’s been for ages. One of them is technology of course. 

Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in our country and offers the highest pay. The top five jobs in the country are data scientist, product manager, cloud architect, full stack developer, big data engineer etc and all are tech jobs. 

The best part with the tech industry is that it gives its employees the option to work remotely. In fact, tech giants like Facebook and Twitter have allowed a portion of their workforce to work virtually on a permanent basis. Even IBM has stated clearly that between 10-20% of its employees will work remotely and won’t return to office. 

However, aspirants looking for a career in technology should be prepared themselves well with tricky questions common in the tech industry interviews. 

Apart from testing your knowledge in the programming languages like Python and JavaScript, there are some other types of questions that big techs are known to ask the applicants. 

A list of such questions is shared below:

  • Job seeker at Facebook has been asked, “Why Facebook and what are you looking here that you’re not getting in your present company?

  • Job aspirant at Google was asked, “Tell us about a time when you influenced upper management?

  • The LinkedIn aspirant was asked, “Give an example of when you gave a great idea to your manager and you didn’t get a support back?


If you’re not prepared well to handle such tricky questions at your job interview, you are sure to be thrown off by these tech giants, says an expert. By asking such questions, they want to evaluate you as a candidate and how you think through a response. 

There is a word of caution for job aspirants seeking to pivot to tech. Always remember career pivots don’t happen in an instant. It takes time to find what you’re actually looking for and you must understand this before you make any big decision about any job.

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