The best and the worst entry-level jobs in 2021

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The ongoing pandemic has negatively hit the job industry with millions of people losing their job. Statistics reveal that the unemployment rate for those between 16-24 years old stands at 11.1%. As graduation season is nearing, a large number of students will start hunting for a job, only to find to their dismay that due to Covid-19 the job market is very challenging. 

The personal finance website WalletHub has recently released a report for job seekers on the best and the worst entry level jobs of 2021. The report mentions a ranking of 108 entry-level positions based on 12 key metrics in three categories including immediate opportunity, growth potential, and job hazards. 

So, whether you’re about to graduate soon or looking for a career change, here is the list of the best and worst entry-level jobs you can consider applying to this year, says the report. 

List of Best Entry Level Jobs

  1. Systems Engineer

  2. Engineer

  3. Web Applications Developer

  4. Environmental, Health and Safety Engineer

  5. Hardware Engineer

  6. Certified Nursing Assistant

  7. Electronics Engineer

  8. Electrical Engineer

  9. Operations Research Analyst

  10. Programmer

  11. Systems Engineering Technician

  12. Industrial Engineer

  13. Software Engineer

  14. Web Designer

  15. Benefits Analyst

List of Worst Entry Level Jobs

  1. Welder

  2. Boilermaker

  3. Floor Assembler

  4. Refinery Operator

  5. Building Inspector

  6. Carpenter

  7. Sheet Metal Mechanic

  8. Emergency Dispatcher

  9. Aircraft Painter

  10. Mechanical Drafter

  11. Machinist

  12. Tool and Die Maker

  13. Electrician

  14. Architectural Drafter

  15. Cost Accountant

Comparing the current year’s report to that of previous years, you will find quite a few similarities. Welder, boilermaker and floor assembler are consistently the worst entry level jobs while engineering jobs top the list and remain the best. 

Further, when you segregate the positions into particular categories, you’ll see separate categories of job excelling. 

The best and the worst jobs based on starting salaries are tax attorney and college teaching assistant respectively. Based on income growth potential, employee relations specialists have the greatest chance of getting a salary raise while tellers hold the lowest chance. 

As per the current scenario of job openings, demand for system engineers is very high and that of programmers is low. With regards to the projected job growth by 2029, the most promising roles will be of certified occupational therapist assistant.

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