Tech Mahindra will soon start bulk-hiring of MBA graduates and engineering graduates

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However, the company net headcount declined by 2,357 in the quarter ending December 2020, a significant portion of them in business process outsourcing (BPO).

IT service company Tech Mahindra will hire freshers, engineering and MBA graduates, and also laterals for new-age skills within the coming months, said CP Gurnani, Chief Executive Officer, Tech Mahindra.

The hiring rate also faced a low attrition rate in the year 2020 and believed that they might not need to rehire people with the processes coming down. The total revenue of the company in Q3 FY21 was $1,309 million, down 3.4% as of last year.

However, the next strategies are making the company go for the robust hiring to work on their moderation cycle creating experiences seeing significant traction in the industry. The company is focusing on the 190 skills that they would like to go ahead with and hence they are hiring the freshers followed by the experts.

Tech Mahindra will hire engineering and MBA graduates to work on the skills and consumer expertise in the cloud and ML.

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