How to switch to a Data Science career from different backgrounds?

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Data Science is the emerging field and the most in-demand career option. Organisations across the world are heavily investing in data science talent to stay ahead in the competition. 

If you’re a data science aspirant or someone looking for a career transition into the data science space, then this is the right time to hit the nail. 

Fresh graduates can allocate some time to learn and sharpen their skills. If possible, they can take some online course in data science to gain knowledge in the subject. However, professionals with work experience can make a smooth transition. Instead of quitting a job and taking a break to learn data science skills, they can utilize their competitive advantage they’ve gained during their time in the industry. 

So, in short, to become a data Scientist: 

  1. Do not leave your current job

 Do not take such a drastic and big step as it is not advisable. For most of you, your job is your main source of income and while working on projects you get to interact with different kinds of people and that has a significant impact on your well-being. You can build your network and unleash new opportunities while on the job. So, under no circumstances quit your job to prepare for becoming a data scientist.

  1. Read and gain knowledge on the subject

The Data Science field is very vast and constantly evolving so read as much as you can and acquire knowledge on the subject. There are a plethora of blogs, tutorials, videos, articles and books available on the internet on data science to guide you in the right direction. Read them just not only to learn new skills but also to learn a little more about different career paths in data science.

  1. Use your Network

In the corporate world, it helps if you have a good network so leverage your network to connect with data scientists. Discuss with them in detail about their roles, experiences, projects and about career paths in analytics. Tell them that you are looking to transition into data science from your current role and if they can help you in some way. 

  1. Look for opportunity in your current organization

If internally you can make a smooth transition, then there is nothing like it. Tell your hiring manager about your interest in data science and if he can help to connect you to any teams already working on data analytics.


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