Cognizant plans to recruit 28,000 freshers in 2021

By Ankur Hack | Views: 1929

Leading IT firm Cognizant is planning to hire 28000 freshers this year in India. Last year in 2020, the company had hired around17000 people. The decision has been taken by Cognizant to deal with the abrupt rise in voluntary attrition which stands at 21% in comparison to 19% in the previous quarter.  

Cognizant globally has a headcount of 2,96,500, out of which more than two lakh employees are based in India. The CEO of Cognizant said we are taking appropriate measures to address attrition and also working to manage the salary inflationary elements of this. 

Cognizant CEO further said that the business will see a sequential increase in attrition because of a large number of resignations in the last couple of months since there was a two months’ notice period in India. Also, the company has a strong understanding of what the attrition rate will look like in Q2. He mentioned, we’re recruiting freshers at a record pace and have put extra recruiters to do the job. 

To address the retention issue, the company is making efforts to put in place measures like training, internal engagements, quarterly promotions, and job rotations to provide more opportunities for career growth.  

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